"Secure and compliant drone services are available for optimised projects."

Legal drone services are essential for aviation and public safety. We are fully certified by the South African Civil Aviation Authority to provide legal drone services. Therefore, rest assured that we have public liability insurance in place for your project. Whether you require aerial drone photography, aerial drone videography, aerial drone surveys, or anything related to drones, we can offer professional and safe assistance. Contact us, and we will make it happen.

Please send us an email to hello@raphotography.co.za

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"Work with your own drone legally under our drone license (ROC)."

“Are you interested in starting your own drone-based business? Look no further, as we can provide you with legal drone services using our valid remote operating certificate (ROC) that has been issued by the South African Civil Aviation Authority. We understand that individuals may want to manage and run their drone businesses, and we are happy to accommodate as long as the criteria are met, and all rules are adhered to. Our range of legal drone services includes aerial drone photography, aerial drone videography, aerial drone surveys, and more. You can rely on us to provide you with the best guidance and assistance to help you get your drone business up and running. Contact us today to explore all your options and learn how we can assist you on your journey. 

Simply email us at hello@raphotography.co.za to get started.”

Aerial Drone Photo & Video
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Photography and Videography is what we do - now we do that from the air too. Contact Us and arrange your birds eye shoot today!

Aerial Drone Surveys
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So - for high accuracy drone mapping and stock surveys Google just won't do - so we've got a drone that will work for you. Contact us and we'll do a drone survey for you too!

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No problem - we've got the expertise and approval you need so we can also help you succeed. Contact us and we'll help you flying your own drone legally in no time.

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“Contact us at hello@raphotography.co.za for your photography needs. Our team monitors this email closely and will respond to all inquiries in a timely manner. Let us help you capture that perfect aerial footage!”